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Written below are testimonials from our patients about the Nutrition Response Testing. We have received written confirmation from the patients giving us permission to share what we have posted below. If you are interested in seeing testimonials from others from our clinic CLICK HERE.

" I was very frustrated when I came in. I was having to go to the bathroom all the time. The next day, after treatment, a 4.5mm kidney stone was release. I am now on supplemental support for the small stones my other doctor said were still in my kidney. I am feeling great with no kidney issues after having the Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)! The number of supplements I take has decreased, indicating to me healthier kidneys.

I appreciate what LFHC has done for my family. My kids never get sick. My husband’s doctor wanted to do surgery, but with treatment at your clinic, surgery was avoided! " -M.S.

" After have Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), and taking the supplements, I am able to wear my clear contacts. The eye dryness that I’ve had on and off for many years is gone! " -L.B.

" NRT supplements have dramatically affected a facial rash I have had for 3 months. I am now using less cover up make-up. It is virtually gone! The bacteria causing it is gone. I am also having less sinus drainage, and my energy level has increased. I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

I’m a believer in NRT!! I did the NRT (Nutrition Response Testing) about 3 weeks ago. I have had problems with allergies, acid reflux, coughing and other digestive issues. I’m talking the supplements that “my body told me I needed” during the testing and feel so much better. I can tell when I need the supplements again. I take them 3 times a day at meals. Hardly any coughing, a lot more regular. It’s great! I had my NRT follow up today. I decreased the amounts of some of my supplements and added a couple of more. Just tweaking what the body needs.  I would recommend to anyone! "– V.W.

" I came in with numerous health concerns namely digestive issues, abnormal bloating, decreased stool formation and volume, and dry eyes. I was also on steroid drops, and I no longer take those. I feel like there’s hope for me in life. I felt like my condition was a new normal, but thanks to NRT (Big time!) my new normal is feeling like my old self again. " -J.B.

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