We value our patients' experience at Lakeville Family Health Clinic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Andrea Ruhland
Your Lakeville Chiropractor

- P.C.

I came in with constipation for over a year. After receiving NRT testing, homeopathic remedies, and chiropractic adjustments I now have regular bowel movements.

- J.S.

This patient came in with complaints about having a lack of energy and focus in school. He was sleepy in school and outside of school for the last 6 months. For those six months he struggled with this and was receiving C’s in his classes. After being on a supplement program with NRT he’s been feeling better and his grades rose from C’s to B’s and A’s.

- J.S.

Years ago I had a knee replacement and struggled with knee pain thereafter. I had this pain for most of my adult life. I had to take off a lot of time off from work, and was very weary of activity at home and recreationally. Back in the 80’s I went to multiple doctors for this pain, none of which gave any relief. Then I decided to go to a chiropractor and had immediate results! Since the beginning of this year (2017) I started to go to Lakeville Family Health Clinic and have felt continued improvement after each time I went in. I think the graston really helped the pain go away with all of the muscle work. Having the chiropractic adjustment along with the graston has removed a lot of pain I had been feeling for years! 

Name: D.H.

" I just want to take the time to say thank you LFC team for your help in getting me through some painful times due to a work related injury. Your team has eliminated the pain that I had when I first limped into your facility. You all have been skilled, caring professionals. Not only do I feel better than I have for years, I am now (after being a smoker for more than 40 years ), a non-smoker. Dr. Domier helped me achieve that goal with acupuncture. I can't thank you enough for all your help, Dr. Domier. Your team can take a bow, pat yourselves on the back, knowing that you are amazing. You are all caring, skilled professionals, who are in the business of healing and have all mastered your craft. I recommend your gifted team to anybody, who needs your help in healing! Thanks Again!"

Name: Ann

" I have been a patient of Lakeville Family Chiropractic for over ten years and have always been very impressed with the professional and caring treatment I have received from all of the staff and doctors. They have a great range of therapies available and I have used their services for everything from maintaining general health to rehab after a car accident injury. LFC is a great facility with great people."

Name : Diana

" I recently discovered Lakeville Family Chiropractic and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor. The staff and the doctors are very kind and professional. With previous chiropractors, adjustments would leave me feeling pain afterwards, but here I leave feeling great. I highly recommend anyone with tight muscles to try Graston. It works wonders. I leave feeling very relaxed. I have been able to get relief in a 15 minute session that I am unable to get from an hour long massage. Prices are extremely reasonable and the appointment process is a breeze. Highly recommended!"

Name : Julie

" This place is a Godsend to those of us who can not bring to have a manual manipulation. The Proadjuster is very effective @ aligning the spine with little or no discomfort, just tap, tap & your done. I am also a huge fan of the graston massage, although it can be quite painful, I simply can not tolerate traditional deep tissue massage for even half an hour. With Graston's you get the same effect in 10 minutes. They also have a wide range of other Wellness services that are too numerous to mention. I would recommend LV Family Chiropractic to everyone."

Name : Mike

" I appreciate the care and attention and the variety of services available. Having experienced a herniated disk in my lower back, the traction bed and the work with the tools that work out the toxins has helped me recover. Scheduling is a breeze also with a friendly staff at hand assisting."

Name : Dave 

"With their combination of traditional and modern chiropractic practices, Dr. Ruhland is certainly the leader in the South Metro for helping you get your back back. I went in with severe lower back pain, and she found that the root of my issues started in my legs. Using a soft tissue technique called Grastan Massage, she made a significant dent in my pain levels. I look forward to returning to LFC soon for another session."

Name : Leo 

"I visited your facility today and saw Dr. Kimm. Very nice visit, good information and good results."

Name : Jennifer

" I am so happy that I found Lakeville family chiropractic! The Doctors and staff are amazing! The care that they provide is above and beyond. I not only get great adjustments, I get great nutritional advice! They are definately a big part of my health maintenance! Thanks to all who work there!!!"

Name : Mary Jane 

" I have been a patient since 2005. I went in for a pain that was going from my right shoulder down my arm, I no longer feel that discomfort and I go in for monthly adjustments which I look forward to. The relax me and make me feel so limber. I've recommended the clinic to my friends and they have been in for appointments."

Name : Cy L.

" I have been fighting gravity for over 73 years! That’s a battle no one will win. For many years Chiropractic care has been an important part of my strategy to stay relatively healthy. A couple years ago, my Pastor recommended Lakeville Family Chiropractic and Rehab; now, I enthusiastically recommend them to you. Cy Laurent"

Name : Jodi B.

" I started at Lakeville Family Chiro a number of years ago as a result of filling out an entry at the Dakota County Fair. My previous experience with chiropractors had not been the best and thought they were just quacks out to get your "hard earned" money. I was truthfully a little hesitant to even try again. I have since changed my attitude as a result of my experience with Lakeville Family Chiropractic. Since I've been getting monthly maintenance care I'm hardly ever sick with colds and flu and have much more energy. I love all the people at the clinic from the front desk gals to all the doctors. I feel like they're more like friends or family than just another visit to a clinic. Thank goodness I had found them because a few years after starting there someone had rear-ended me and I was in need of a chiropractor. I was thankful that I didn't have to "shop" around for one at that time. I've discovered that I really like the Graston technique and look forward to when I have that done--it's a treat for Mom."

Name: Erin S.

" Hello, my name is Erin Steinhibel and I am a patient here at Lakeville Family Chiropractic. Before coming to the clinic I was suffering from a great deal of low back pain combined with sciatica-type symptoms that seriously limited my daily activities and caused a lot of lost work time. Since coming to Lakeville Family Chiropractic, my back issues have diminished dramatically-so much that I was able to compete in my first marathon with my husband this past May! My chiropractic visits were integral to my training efforts, and helped to relieve injuries along the way! Now that the marathon is complete, I'm relying on help from my chiropractors here to help me prepare for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (altitude 19,340 ft)! the highest freestanding mountain in the world. I am convinced that I could not have achieved what I have or continued with my training efforts without the help of the kind and patient chiropractors at Lakeville Family Chiropractic, and I would be happy to provide a reference or answer questions that people may have about my experience here. Please contact me at 612-250-8184 with any questions."

Name : Deb

" My 6 year old son comes here for neck pain. You guys are so wonderful and kind with him. He loves coming and his neck pain is subsiding. Thanks so much! "

Name : Sona

" I love going to LFC because it does not hurt me to get adjusted like it did before coming to LFC. Before coming to LFC I would get adjusted manually and it would hurt and since I have fibromyalgia the less pain I experience the better. Thanks LFC."

Name : Sandra S.

" I love going to LFC; every time I come, I leave much happier and healthier than when I arrived. The staff at this place have truly changed my life for the better!"

Name : Gretchen G.

" I have seen chiroprators for many years. I have usually had some pain the next day for the adjustment. The pro-adjuster did not leave me with any discomfort the next day. I will continue to have treatments. Thank you so much. Gretchen"

Name : Bobbie Jo

" I have had phenomenal results!! I recommend them to family and friends alike."

Name : Richard E.

" LFC is great. I really like the graston, adjustments and the whole staff. Very friendly and helpful. The Doctors really make me feel like they care."

Name: Melissa E. 

" I am pregnant and suffer from sciatica pain. I have been in tears daily for a few weeks. I have tried massage, graston, heat, adjustments, ice, etc…nothing has helped. It was to the point where just walking was difficult. By the recommendation of my OBGYN, I decided to try acupuncture. I am so glad I did! By the next day I was already feeling much better. Acupuncture changed my life and I am so excited. I even attended a concert while 31 weeks pregnant, standing the whole time. My back did not hurt, only the bottom of my feet." 

Name: A.E.

" I have had a skin rash on my back and legs that I've had for years! I have tried everything - oils, lotions, you name it. Nothing helped! A friend of mine recommended I try acupuncture. I'm so glad I did, my rash finally got a lot better. Plus I am sleeping better and have better energy. I highly recommend others try acupuncture - It works "