Mechanical Motion Therapy

What is it?

Mechanical Motion Therapy(MMT) is a program that is designed to help patients improve their range of motion and decrease their pain and stiffness. The therapy is gentle, quick and effective for a variety if conditions.

What is it good for?

MMT is good for many areas that experience pain, discomfort, and stiffness. It is a new high tech physical therapy that will help you 'Feel Better, and Function Higher'

How much does it cost?

The first appointment is a FREE DEMO to see if you are a candidate for the service.

Where can I get MMT?

Lakeville Family Health Clinic is the ONLY clinic in the state of Minnesota that has this therapy.

Find out more information.

Call us today for more information or to schedule your FREE DEMO.  Follow the link below to find out more and sign up to receive emails about MMT.

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